Every Leopard print piece You need This fall (+ A major Sale)

I love Leopard Print

Personally, I love any print that’s a timeless classic, but leopard has a special spot (lol leopard jokes) in my heart. I take terrific comfort in knowing that year after year, I will always be able to pull out my leopard favorites and know that they are as wearable today as they’ve always been. It’s much simpler to invest in quality pieces with that knowledge. That being said—I always peruse the new leopard offerings each season, because everything I already own certainly loves making new friends. and that’s the thing about leopard—it somehow chooses everything.


In this look, I’m not interested in subtle notes of leopard (though I love those, too). This is a leopard dress, everybody. Made by Ganni, a brand rapidly becoming a household name in the world of well-priced and incredibly lovely clothing, this dress has a stunner of a neckline and bodice I wanted to belt widely the moment I saw it. The belting gives way for the fullness of the skirt to really shine, and two weeks postpartum, I wasn’t mad about a little skirt fullness to hide what remains of my baby bump. 
The sandals (because yes, technically, it is still sandal weather, leave me alone) are By Far, and I don’t imply to play favorites, but these were probably my favorite, most-worn pair of the summer. They’re quite distinct in that I wore them with gowns to black-tie events as well as jeans to a Thursday night girls dinner. They’re that rare and elusive multi-tasker, and are somehow very reasonably priced for the quality.
If you’re seeing the bag and asking yourself why it feels familiar, that’s because I recently discussed it in the Monday Memo. It’s made by The Sant and it’s so amazing and distinct all the other bags in my closet are asking it for advice. I went for the black version but am having major FOMO over the ivory, cognac brown and hunter green.  All four options are so beautiful, it makes me a little mad that they even make you choose.

GANNICotton Silk dress (similar styles HERE, HERE and HERE)

BY FARThalia leather Mules

ALEXANDER MCQUEENCroc-Effect Patent-Leather waist Belt (affordable styles here and HERE)

THE SANTKinchaku small leather tote (similar style HERE)

But back to the leopard print…

Here’s another thing: It’s also a neutral. Not necessarily in the case of an outfit like the one I’m wearing here, where it’s the star of the show, but in much more subtle appearances like accessories or even a blouse-under-blazer moment. Leopard has developed and elevated itself into vital neutral territory. once you start implementing it everywhere, you’ll notice how much balance and subtle interest it can give an outfit, with something even as easy as a belt. funny to think that animal print could ever have subtlety, but leopard is just genius like that. 

GANNICotton Silk dress (similar styles HERE, HERE and HERE)

THE SANTKinchaku small leather tote (similar style HERE)

Below, my absolute favorite leopard pieces to fold into rotation this fall. Take stock of your current found style supply, and add accordingly.
P.S. Don’t forget to check out the Shopbop’s event of the season Sale before it ends tomorrow!

More Leopard print Favorites


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